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There is no need to be offended. A person in melancholy simply does not have a “reserve” of emotions that he could express. The mood of a person in melancholy does not in any way reflect how much he relates specifically to you. If you communicate with a person in melancholy, realizing this, it will be easier for you to help him. Then you will not think that your efforts are being deliberately devalued. Help a loved one with morning chores. Remember that depression is worst in the morning [ 16 ]. So if you cook breakfast, help get ready for work, and take the dog for a walk.

China conducted a large-scale study

You’ll be a great support person. Make sure the person Kazakhstan Phone Number List eats regularly. It is important that a person eat regularly, even if he does not feel hungry. If you see that a loved one needs specialist help, help him find a doctor. A group of scientists from and identified six ways to spend free the risk of dementia What’s the trend? In almost all people, memory gradually deteriorates with age. This reduces the quality of life, negatively affects productivity and increases the risk of dementia. The 21st century also saw the emergence of the concept of ” digital amnesia “, which links the proliferation of smartphones and computers to the deterioration of people’s memory.

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Who had normal cognitive functions at the start

Until 2022 there were few scientific papers that USA CFO comprehensively considered the factors that affect the development of memory. A group of Chinese researchers from the National Center for Neurological Disorders in Beijing decided to fix this. Who participated in the study The study involved 29,000 people over 60 of the study. The volunteers measured the level of memory performance using tests, and also checked whether the body has the ApoE gene, which contributes to the development of Alzheimer’s disease.

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