The main trends in private banking

Half from year to year – now he has reach 45 years. Including because of this, digitalization is becoming more relevant. If you do not keep up with the times, there is a great risk of losing the achiev positions. premium customers actively monitor trends, relevant products and services. If you do not meet the trends, the client makes a choice in favor of another bank. right now — What has chang in the private banking segment during the difficult year 2022? — behavior of clients, dictat by the current global situation. For example, issues of corporate bonds denominat in Chinese yuan began to enjoy high demand.

We have notic a shift in the investment

In particular clients of Dom.RF Bank took part in Henan Mobile Phone Number List all initial placements of such instruments that took place in 2022. The current situation in the stock markets also motivates clients to follow a hging strategy (price risk insurance. – RBC Trends ) of inflationary risks, including by diversifying capital in favor of real estate, investing in precious metals and securities of the energy sector. — Are there more global trends in the behavior of Russian private banking clients? — I would say that there is a tendency to abandon high-risk assets in the financial markets. As a result, a significant decrease in the risk appetite of clients and a shift in interest towards fix income instruments and classic savings products.

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Who choose infrastructure bonds

In particular mortgage-back securities and infrastructure USA CFO bonds of JSC Dom.RF are especially popular among ruble-denominat instruments. They are quite conservative, while investment attractive. In addition, for many clients their essential ESG component is also important – the social and image value of the product. The second point I would call the active transition of clients from the use of classic foreign currencies in the form of the dollar and the euro towards alternative options. In our bank, we are seeing strong demand for Chinese.

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