The development of various types of scaffolds

More components with different physical and chemical properties. Their combination makes it possible to obtain materials with improv characteristics that are not characteristic of each of the original components. Scaffolds are obtain by electrospinning or other methods. They imitate the structure of the extracellular matrix of bone tissues, contain healing preparations and completely disappear when the bone fuses. Is a world practice. Our scientists us polyhydroxyalkanoates, biodegradable polymers that are produc by bacteria. The material is absolutely non-toxic.

What until relatively recently seem

After the formation of new bone tissues and the dissolution Azerbaijan Mobile Number List of the scaffold, the products of its decay are excret from the body without any side effects,” emphasizes Professor Roman Surmenev. Key trends Implantology does not stand still, turning into reality to be a phenomenon of the future. There are trends here. New materials Metals and their alloys that have become traditional for implantology are gradually being replac by ceramics, polymers and composites. Piezo materials are another promising area. Their unique property is the ability to produce a small electrical charge as a result of mechanical deformation or load. It allows you to accelerate the healing of bone fractures.

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This charge is generat under the influence

The essence of the process is that the electric charge USA CFO affects bone cells, primarily osteoblasts and osteoclasts, which are involv in healing and repel bacteria, that is, they can provide antibacterial properties to the surface.  of a load on a piezoelectric element embd in a bone defect. Polyhydroxyalkanoates, a class of biodegradable polymers that TPU scientists work with, are piezoelectric. But this is not the limit for modern science. Sergei Tverdokhlebov, Associate Professor of the Scientific and ucational Center B.P. Weinberg: “Today, there is a trend towards a transition to the field of sensitive autonomous smart materials. They are able to independently adjust their properties and provide a therapeutic.

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