We are talking about surpluses of goods

People in the database of wards families with many children, single mothers in a crisis situation, families with disabl children. The center receives products and household chemicals two or three times a month and distributes them evenly among all those in ne. “During the pandemic, people felt a little better, as the state allocat additional financial assistance. Plus, organizations got involv. For example, our metallurgical plant issu food packages call “Together”. Then the wave pass, but people remain: someone was out of work, someone was laid off. This is role,” Yanakova explain to RBC Trends. Volunteers help organize the process.

Where the Rus Foundation play a special

Now there are 115 people in the center: schoolchildren Ivory Coast Phone Number List students and adult citizens. A huge role in this process is play by the fund’s cooperation with the largest manufacturers of goods, retail chains and public catering enterprises. They transfer their products from factories and warehouses on a permanent basis under donation agreements. that for some reason are not sold (falling demand, seasonality), but are usable. One of the first strategic partners of the fund was PepsiCo. Together they implement the Food for Good project by donating food to citizens.

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The company employees themselves

PepsiCo annually ships about 3.5 thousand tons of food for USA CFO distribution in 30 regions of Russia. More than 100 thousand people receive assistance. Almost 85% of all transferr products are dairy products. Children’s food, drinks, juices and snacks are also donat to charity. The idea of ??food sharing is shar by. Thus, on World Food Day every year, about 600 PepsiCo specialists traditionally take part in the packing of “People’s Meals” for ney families. As PepsiCo volunteer Svetlana Dementieva said, the action immiately became one of the favorites among colleagues. All those who want to participate in the packing receive an invitation for a certain day. At the appoint time, they gather in a large conference room. Each is given a set: a disposable gown, hat, shoe covers and gloves.

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