We can now model much more than before

Yes there are more tools to look for patterns and explain what we are seeing. Given that we know how to collect data and have accumulat a huge array of them, this is great news. About ten years ago, it was about 50 million scientific articles for all time. Today. Thanks to the democratization of machine learning technologies, technologies using artificial intelligence, a scientist does not have to figure out how it will work at the programming level. Previously, it was necessary to recognize images, for example, a tumor, manually, then an algorithm appear, but a specialist was ne nearby, and now you may not be a specialist.

There are clearly more of them

Just upload the data and then the “machine” itself finds Bolivia Phone Number List patterns, solutions. This helps you move forward faster and ask more difficult questions. Such solutions for various fields, for example, are offer by scientists from ITMO, Polytechnic University, DSTU, Siberian Feral University and many other universities. And although, we are not yet able to build highly adequate models in many areas. That is, models that describe the current situation, repeating it in digital form, taking into account many external and internal factors.

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You can proce to the next stage

We can do a little more in mechanics, less in USA CFO chemistry, even less in micine, and very little in society. And in every field of knowlge the movement is uneven. When we try to do this with the help of technology, there is a problem of validation and verification of the receiv data. How much can we trust them? Only by answering this question,  – standardization and certification. And now we can not always reproduce the result. As soon as we can do this, we go even further, which opens up the scope, for example, in industry. When to expect a confrontation of intellects “Artificial intelligence technologies have come a long way. Can AI replace a scientist.

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