We figure out who produces New Year

Mono-partners to offer users subscriptions with maximum value. Now you can watch a movie with a subscription from Tinkoff or listen to music with a subscription from MTS. It can be assum that traditionally “entertainment” services will also be forc to take less timid steps in atypical areas for themselves, such as finance or insurance. However, of entertainment and leisure there is still room for the emergence of new products: books, ucation, fitness, games. Those players who release their “smart” speakers (Yandex. Station, VK Capsule, SberBox) already have the inclinations to develop a subscription business towards the Internet of Things, and it can be assum that over time.

Even in the most traditional niches

The integration of the physical world into the virtual South Africa Phone Number List ecosystem through devices will become even more noticeable. As the number of services in a multi-service subscription grows dramatically, personalization becomes an important ne for users to customize their subscriptions to suit their nes and receive smart recommendations. For example, not only the next track or series, as is already happening inside entertainment services, but also a book that you can read while riding a taxi; a course on a topic interesting thanks to the series; or the most profitable cashback model for this particular user. Subscriptions can also go for more exotic scenarios, introducing gamification and different levels.

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The method of production of holiday

Where the cost of a subscription and the bonuses they USA CFO bring will be determin by the user’s activity on the platform – this logic is currently us by 88VIP from Alibaba. Every winter, thousands of festive decorations appear on the streets of Moscow.  decor on such a scale and where garlands, light arches and tunnels disappear after the holidays Before the New Year: buying and creating  decorations depends on the organization that nes them: some order decor from contractors, while others make it on their own.

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