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What does it mean According to a report from the World Economic Forum, by artificial intelligence will replace million people worldwide. Neural networks sometimes become an alternative to humans, not only in areas requiring routine tasks for example, in , online game developer company, and the artificial intelligence chatbot Leader Lars became the official and leader of the Danish political parties.Partners from the Charité clinic will deal with the automat delivery of exposure. to clear himself of metabolites. At this moment, invisible vessels are activat.

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They help to remove toxins of various origins from Chile Phone Number List the brain, including those accumulat in the blood after an intracranial hemorrhage. Understanding and controlling these processes The project at the intersection of micine, physics and biology shows the real possibilities of an interdisciplinary approach of modern universities and their partners. In addition to studying invisible vessels, the Smart Sleep laboratory team is developing the Lymph Window project to deliver drugs to the brain to fight tumors. Oksana Semyachkina-Glushkovskaya nodes. It turn out that there is a retrograde current that flows not only down, but also up. When I work in Korea, I was shown special points on the neck that are suppli by lymph vessels.

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The projects of the Smart Sleep

The uniqueness of our developments is that they are non-invasive and can be us in a hospital for the treatment, in particular, of brain tumors. We are the USA CFO only ones who represent these developments in the international arena, so they are of great interest from well-known scientific foundations in Russia, China and America. We receiv the first patent in Russia for non-invasive drug delivery to the brain. laboratory serv as the basis for one of the strategic projects of the SSU Development Program, won by the university within the “Priority 2030”. So in the coming years, Saratov researchers have something to do. Priority areas of work in 2022.

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