We offer ready-made speech services

An interactive voice menu IVR answering machine, chats, voice interaction interfaces, for voicing content and commands, or voice input on devices and websites. In addition, that use SaluteSpeech platform technologies. So, our new Insights technology analyzes the emotions of the client and the operator according to the phrases that they pronounce, automatically classifies all dialogues into positive, neutral and negative, and also determines more than 300 important speech metrics. For example, you can determine whether the operator adjust to the pace of the client’s speech and did not interrupt him. In this case, interruptions are consider only real, and not supportive ones like uh-huh.

The client can choose a voice for the company

In addition SaluteSpeech Insights allows companies to Denmark Cell Phone Number List analyze customer satisfaction for 100% of phone calls. The technology pricts the CSI score that the customer would give himself, without additional waiting on the line or messages with numbers from one to five. All this increases the efficiency of the company with customer loyalty and churn. We also offer the YourVoice service , which allows businesses to get a brand voice.  from a ready-made catalog or create his own in just a month. Synthesis technology will make it possible to voice the text of any volume and complexity and use the corporate voice in all communication channels. — How will the speech technology market develop in the next few years.

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This means that the winner will be the one

We see how the entry threshold is lowering in the USA CFO Russian market and competition is growing. In my opinion, this is a very good sign, because healthy competition is an important driver for further development. We can also note the creation of simplifi no-code products with the simplest possible integration.  who offers the market specific convenient solutions that are quickly implement in business processes and are easy to use. In addition, the market has already accumulat convincing experience in the form of proven cases.

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