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The volume of things hand over to thrift stores increas by 20-60% . In 2019, Kondo starr in a show on Netflix, which also gain a lot of popularity in the US. After the premiere, in the country, and consumers began to donate unnecessary things to the Salvation Army and Goodwill stores – their donations increas by 30-40% compar to the previous year. Minimalism comes down not only to the external denial of rundancy – it also carries a semantic load. In the 2010s, we saw how this movement fits well with the principles of zero waste, the sharing economy and sustainable development  decade.

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The demand for conscious consumption is especially Dominican Republic Phone Number List prominent among zoomers because of empathy and the new normal – according to a study by Daz, 60% of this generation respondents say that they are most concern about the environment, racial inequality, women’s rights and the LGBT community. The Blueprint notes that reflection is becoming the main tool for understanding the world around us. Criticism of materialism Along with the strengthening of the position of minimalism in everyday life, guides , lists and tips for getting rid of unnecessary things began to appear, as well as harsh criticism of materialism / materialism For example.

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The Guardian publish a column titl “Materialism: The USA CFO System That Eats Us From Within”. The text criticizes excess luxury, ostentatious wealth, and the acquisition of things that are not really ne. Also in the column are the results of a study according to well-being. If in the 20th century luxury was in the number of things, then by the 21st century it began to be measur by sensations . Consumer attitudes have shift from “own” to “feel”, impressions and unique experiences have become more valuable than items. Therefore, wealthy young people began to choose not expensive cars, but travel.

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