What digital services and platforms do consumers

The framework of an expert council initiat by PwC , which includ representatives of PepsiCo, X5 Retail Group, P&G, Unilever, Mondelez, Dixy, Bonduelle -Kuban”, group “Prodo” and other organizations. Experts have been trying to exempt donations from taxes for years. In 2020, the proposals of market leaders were partially he – income tax was remov, but this is not enough. “Foodsharing requires “twisting. This is now being actively discuss by all structures of state power. We hope that these changes will be made soon.

The mechanism in terms of VAT taxation

Then we will enter a new era that will encourage or enable Israel Phone Number List responsible companies to ristribute within themselves and rationally use the resources that they have. That is, they will revise supply chains so that unsold goods are sent to people who cannot afford them. Well, if this is some kind of delay, then the old mechanism will be us – recycling, ”explains Yulia Nazarova. Hidden ne and a plumber from the Housing Office  demand today? – In fact, services that the consumer does not have a request as such. If you interview people in an open format, they will, of course, answer that they do not ne anything.

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It is precisely for platforms and specific

When we work with insurance clients, for example, VHI, auto insurance and property insurance, we see what people lack. And two things are USA CFO missing. Firstly, tools that would allow you to easily, omnichannel and at any time interact with your insurance company. Secondly, they want to solve in a simple and understandable way all issues relat to owning a house, a car, and taking care of their health – themselves and their lov ones. And at the same time, be sure that they will not encounter scammers, they will not take extra money from them, and the contractor can be trust – For example.

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