What exactly you are selling

Create an ad An ad usually consists of several elements: title, description, price, and photo. In order for a product to be bought well, it is necessary to pay attention to each of them. header as possible to the search query. It must clearly reflect  the main properties of the product (manufacturer, color, material, main technical characteristics) and its main advantages (for example, that you give a guarantee, but the product is handmade). But at the same time, the headline should be short enough so that the buyer can quickly capture it with a glance. Description The product description should be complete, but concise.

The title should be formulat as close

Long texts scare away potential customers. In the beginning Changsha Mobile Phone Number List you ne to formulate the most important thing – how your product can be useful to the buyer. Next, it is worth detailing the characteristics and, if possible, supplementing with examples from life. Think in advance what questions customers most often have, and try to answer them right away. The style of the text depends on  audience is. In the description of soft toys and goods for children, emojis are quite acceptable, and in an advertisement for the sale of complex industrial equipment, specific terms that an ordinary layman may not understand.

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What exactly you are selling and who your target

Price When setting prices, you should focus on USA CFO competitors. If your price is slightly lower, the product will appear higher in searches with a price filter. Photos This is the most important component of the ad, which performs several functions at once: draws attention to the product, broadcasts information that is difficult to convey in text, and shows how the product looks in real life. That is why it is important that the photos are alive. Small details can be add to a photo to create a more interesting and attractive composition.

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