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The Feral University of Rio de Janeiro conclude . It is much more important to find out and establish the limits of such assistance, and not to devalue or, conversely, to idealize it. Chatbots can be really helpful resources for those who want to improve their mental literacy, develop soft skills, or get fast and automat psychological support. But it is important to approach the choice of a chatbot, as well as a good specialist, consciously and moderately critically. Formulate personal tasks that you want to solve with the help of a psychological chatbot. Development of emotional intelligence , goal-setting skills or other “soft skills”. Getting simple psychological support during times of stress or unpleasant experiences. Increasing the level of psychological literacy in a particular topic.

When working with a psychologist

Define expectations for interacting with the chatbot Saudi Arabia Mobile Number List many clients expect him to solve problems with minimal effort on their part. Similar expectations can be from a chatbot. In this case, you should not count on a quick and tangible result. When choosing a chatbot, find information about its developers. What is this organization? Were mental health professionals involv in the creation and training of the chatbot? It makes sense to look for publications about the chatbot in reputable mia and studies of its effectiveness, if they have been carri out. Be mindful of any information you receive from a chatbot.

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Do not neglect the consultation

Train chatbots bas on language models gracefully USA CFO operate words without understanding their meaning and subtext. Scenario chatbots written by experts behave less “humanly” and are limit by the scope of a given algorithm, but provide content creat or select by experts, which means meaningful by experts.  with a human specialist if you feel serious communication difficulties, deep emotional problems, are experiencing a psychological crisis or have a mental disorder. Self-mication in the area of ??mental health can also be risky.

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