What happening Google Research has developed

Cultural Sensitivity Artificial intelligence is not able to understand cultural codes and its inherent nuances, which means it can create designs that are insensitive or offensive. Designers with a deep understanding of cultural differences will continue to play an important role in ensuring that designs are culturally appropriate. Human-centered design -centered design approach because they are unable to understand the needs, desires and experiences of users. These restrictions mean that designers and creatives will continue to play a critical role in the creative industry – areas where human intuition will always be.

The new Google Dreamix neural network

Companies and organizations must invest in both AI technologies and the development of their own employees in order to be able to use the benefits of AI to France Mobile Number List the maximum, thus building a “partnership” interaction between man and machine, where AI can be a great tool to save time and resources for implementation . creates a video based on an image, text or other video. Let’s talk about how it works the Dreamix neural network that generates short videos based on a text description or based on another video, photo, or photo collection. The neural network is based on the diffusion model.

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AI algorithms are unable to apply a human

This means that first the training data (original image) is USA CFO blurred until it turns into noise completely, and then the AI ??learns and restores the image. In this case, the generated image does not repeat the original one exactly, but imitates it. The neural network can not only animate the image, but also edit the video on a text request. For example, he replaces the monkey with a bear, and puts the deer on a skateboard. Dreamix creates videos by preserving the color gamut, the size of the object in the image, and the position of the camera. However, while the quality of the video remains low. The neural network is not available to the mass user.

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