What is happening in society and the economy

If the site where you sell your product has a call-tracking service, you can also connect it. So you can clearly track how many calls were receiv, which ones were answer, and which ones were miss. Every conversation will be record. Call-tracking is ne for companies with a large average bill and high competition. That is, in areas where each client is worth its weight in gold and it is important not to lose it. In addition, this service is useful for businesses with a large staff of sales managers. It will allow the head of the sales department to evaluate the work of their employees and, if necessary, adjust the script.

Covid and shortages expand geography

An call-tracking will also help those who are just starting their business and would like to learn more about customer requests. How has the behavior of applicants Russia Phone Number List and employers in the labor market chang recently? Are there any significant changes here? is always closely relat to. Every month, about 17 million people look for work at Avito: from couriers and salespeople to accountants and managers. We are building an ecosystem around a variety of employment, recruitment and service formats.- Is there a difference in the hourly pay of the same cashier with full-time employment and part-time work.

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The situation on the labor market

Therefore we see the situation from completely different USA CFO angles in a way that standard job resources do not see. Speaking about the behavior of labor market participants, one cannot avoid the topic of covid. The pandemic has chang both the structure of employment in general and the way people perceive remote work. Many of those who previously hir staff in their region are now looking for employees throughout Russia. This is not only about call centers, but also about manufacturing companies where, for example, architects or technologists can work remotely. Five years ago this would have been impossible.

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