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Lack of infrastructure in space: for example, you ne refueling points, robotic stations, a foundation for mineral processing. At the same time, it is important to take into account that the process will take place in zero gravity, the choice of technology depends on this. Several options for mining asteroids are now offer: open pit mining (using a bucket), mining in mines (if open pit mining is not possible), collection using magnets or thermal exposure, biomining (using microorganisms to extract metals) . Some researchers believe that if a way to deliver metals to Earth does appear, a sudden increase in supply could devalue them.

What is happening now in small and mium-siz

It seems that in the short term, the industrial extraction of Ghana Phone Number List metals in space and their delivery to Earth is a difficult task, and so far such projects, rather, have scientific goals that require large investments. In addition, researchers have other long-term plans for these celestial bodies: scientists consider asteroids as a platform for building space cities. General Producer of Programs for Small and Mium Business Entrepreneurs, SKOLKOVO School of Management businesses , among other things, is part of the process associat with a change in the technological order. This process began before 2022, entrepreneurs were changing business models simply because they were outdat.

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Capital in order to grow quickly

The pandemic was the first push to accelerate this USA CFO process, and in 2022, the second. Many foreign companies suspend their activities, and there were opportunities to fill the vacant market niches. A feature of this situation for entrepreneurs is that it is difficult to quickly occupy a niche: you ne to have competencies, personnel. It’s not easy and quite risky. For many, access to familiar infrastructure, technology and resources has become more difficult. Business lives in a global system of division of labor.

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