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They can suggest how such problems were solv in the past,” says Kovpak. At the same time, he reminds: if a person cannot solve a life problem himself, this is also a normal situation; in this case, he nes to seek help from a psychologist or psychotherapist. On the Web that help determine what kind of reaction to frustrating conditions a person is prone to. One of the most common is Saul Rosenzweig’s pictorial frustration test . It determines how the subject responds to frustration and frustrating situations, and to.

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There are several types of rigidity. Cognitive rigidity is Ivory Coast Phone Number List the inability to change perceptions of the environment when that environment changes. People with this trait can be prone to authoritarianism, especially in stressful situations. This can cause conflicts in relationships, inability to negotiate or show empathy towards others. For example, a person with cognitive rigidity may insist on his own, even when he receives unambiguous evidence that he is wrong. Motivational rigidity is, according to the Big Psychological Dictionary , the inflexibility of the internal system of incentives, the inability to abandon the usual ways of satisfying a ne when living conditions change.

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For example a man with motivational rigidity us to go to the bakery near the house before work and eat a croissant with coffee. This morning ritual inspires him to USA CFO wake up on time and go to the office. The man mov to another city and found that there was no bakery near the house. Because of this, he began to be very late, and sometimes even miss work – became higher. Affective rigidity is a tendency to “get stuck” in a certain emotional state for a long time, most often in a negative one. A person with such a tendency experiences the consequences of stress for a long time and switches with difficulty.

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