Wheat and barley respond to water shortages

It also moves along with the water flow, but in the opposite direction to the auxin. Accordingly, when the roots draw water from their reserves, abscisin is also obtain with it. It closes all the small pores connecting the root cells. Scientists compare this process to the bulkheads on a ship,  in the event of a fire. Root cells are isolat from each other, the free movement of auxin stops, blocking the branching of the roots. This simple system allows the roots to precisely adjust their shape to the water conditions. Humidity adaptation The study also show that plant shoots use a similar system to roots.

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Leaves stop the flow of water through them by closing 1000 Mobile Phone Number List small pores on their surface in drought conditions by increasing the volume of abscisin. The roots of tomatoes, lettuce, corns in a similar way, despite the fact that they develop in different soils and climates. This suggests that such a system is a common feature of flowering plants.  and environments than other species. Given the rapid changes in precipitation patterns around the world, their ability to adapt to a wide range of humidity is of particular importance. Avito experts found out what contribution their users made to the restoration of the ozone layer.

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They can inhabit a wider range of ecosystems

We tell how conscious consumption help to prevent the emission of 55.8 million tons of greenhouse gases and save 472 million m3 of water What happen The USA CFO umber of post ads on Avito has already exce 135 million. Users of the resource mainly sell us goods, giving them a second life. The conscious consumption of resource users affects the production of new products and ruces the burden on the environment. In two years – from 2020 to 2022 – the resale of goods on Avito allow users to prevent the emission of 55.8 million tons of greenhouse gases, of which 22 million tons in 2022.

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