When customers enter the cafe he greets

Feelings and emotions of a person in a social situation. Compliance with cultural norms, law, moral principles, other people’s personal boundaries. Explains Paderina. not only authenticity and freom of expression of a person, but also being in harmony with one’s environment, social environment or communication partner. This implies another semantic shade of using the concept of “congruence” – as a characteristic of communication or participants in the communication process. Examples of congruence The barista loves his job. He loves the smell of fresh coffee and the joy on the faces of satisfi guests. Therefore, them with a friendly greeting and a smile.

It can be said that congruence implies

The visitor feels sincerity and responds with cordiality. The Northeast Mobile Phone Number List student brought a “deuce”. Father look at the diary, sigh and honestly said that he was not happy. Examples of incongruence In response to the chief’s question “How are you?” the person replies “excellent”, although his lips are turn down and his gaze is avert to the side. In this case, conscious incongruence is meant: the respondent does not consider it appropriate to verbalize his current state (although he is fully aware of it), but does not cope with the task of reinforcing the words with correct non-verbal signs. Participating in the discussion, the man blushes, shouts, shakes his finger.

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Would be perceiv as incongruence

When ask not to be so angry, he answers in USA CFO bewilderment that he was not angry at all. Here, perhaps, there is an unconscious incongruence: a person could not notice the anger behind him and thought that he colorfully convey a point of view, however, his gestures and tone were perceiv as aggressive behavior, and denia. Manipulative techniques – flattery, lies, provocations, and others – are by default incongruent, since the person using them deliberately hides feelings and says something completely different from what he thinks. How the term “congruence” appear in psychology.

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