When music is increasingly turning

Streaming services have only complet the great process of the death of the author, which began back in the 1960s of the last century, when the mixing console was creat. Therefore, talking about the author today is simply ridiculous, however, as well as about creativity, which belongs to the author’s narrative. Of course, there will be no “top stars”, as well as “loud hits”. The very image of the musician and his work will change: the main shift is carri out in his position in relation to the audience – from the initially autonomous to the initially dependent.

This does not mean that in the future

An at the same time according to Jace Clayton, a publicist Tunisia Phone Number List and New York DJ, the author’s gradual departure from the world of music is also due to the fact that streaming return music itself to its natural state: “What we saw in the 20th century – strictly speaking , was abnormal. The fact that music then had a physical form was unusual in all of human history. And now [because of streaming] it’s getting unusual again. Music always has this inner urge to dematerialize – it cannot be acquir [made private]. By its nature, it is a slippery phenomenon, almost ghostly. So the streaming channels themselves, originally intend to legalize music streams.

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It is not for nothing that the very idea

As if inadvertently destroy the old industrial model of the music world, where a song or album belongs to someone else and therefore must be distribut USA CFO within the framework of strict principles outlin in standard contracts. But now, into the background, dematerializ, distribut, it has become the embodiment of the sharing economy. Here for the author, as well as for copyright, strictly speaking, there is no place anymore??copyright has been criticiz so much in recent years, while the movement of musical flows is becoming more and more unprictable and free, as in those “houses of music” that Francis Bacon dream about centuries ago.

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