When they began to create unmann vehicles

My favorite example, squashing insects on the windshield. In 1997, when this study was done, it seem funny. But it became very popular. – There are two sources – the state and philanthropists who are ready to invest, because they consider this direction or this idea important for the development of society. But so far this is not a common practice, and the vast majority of early-stage exploratory research is fund by the state. This has its limitations – requirements for a scientist, his experience and past achievements, for topics – after all.

Who is involv in such financing in our country

We are talking about budgetary funds. Business comes List of Mobile Phone Numbers in Gansu at a later stage, when the direction of the research is clear and there is an idea how it can be further us or commercializ. Universities are gradually getting involv in funding such research – they are developing internal grants for young scientists for their ideas. For the second year in a row, we, as a foundation, have been holding an experimental competition of scientific projects for young scientists Blue Sky Research, where the researcher does not ne to meet generally accept scientific criteria and then report on standard indicators, such as articles or patents, and during the year in the process of work.

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The creation of artificial body parts

You can change the research trajectory if it becomes it is USA CFO clear that this is a dead end path. We finance, so to speak, the very curiosity. Is an old dream of mankind. Today it is becoming a reality. Through the efforts of scientists, implants are constantly being improv. Engineers endow products with different properties: they help them “deceive” the immune system, better take root in the human body, and serve longer. And sometimes they are forc to “dissolve” without a trace after the work done. Several research teams are working in this direction at.

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