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Its tasks professionally. Another rule is that you cannot delegate to other people the elements that are key to your business. For example, if an organization prepares pastries, hiring outsourcers to deliver pies can be quite effective. But if the contracting firm begins to come up with recipes and bake for you, your business will simply lose its essence. For an employer, outsourcing begins with the selection of a contractor. For example if you ne accounting servi,ces, you can focus on the RAEX rating . Then you should study potential candidates: price lists, cooperation options, customer reviews and experience. Before concluding an agreement company to find out how and under what conditions its employees work.

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When concluding a contract, it is worth paying attention Canada Mobile Number List to the rights, obligations and liability of the parties for violations. You don’t have to think about paying salaries to its employees – you just pay for the services under the contract. But at the same time, you ne to take care of quality control of the tasks perform. To do this, you can involve your own full-time managers or specializ specialists. So Nike outsourc all production functions. The company is only engag in the development of design and sales of sportswear and shoes in its stores. The goods themselves are made by contracting organizations concentrat in the Asian region.

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That hasn’t stopp Nike’s revenue from growing 540% over USA CFO the past ten years. Another good example of outsourcing comes from IKEA. The company almost completely entrust transport and production functions to third-party contractors, and itself is engag only in retail sales through its own network of stores. Kodak has delegat IT tasks to IBM since 1989 . Their 22-year-old agreement is consider the starting point in the history of IT outsourcing, after to pay attention to this type of interaction with contractors. Google outsources some product development and customer support reports.

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