Where a person usually sees a faceless catalog

An audience that is already ready, which will not ne to be collect from scratch, built-in analytics and promotional tools, and a low entry price.  than social networks, and gather an audience that is already focus on buying something, and not just came to browse the fe. And it’s also much cheaper and faster than launching your own online store: it will take from ?50,000 to create the simplest site and from ?30,000 per month for promotion. At the same time, even with very large investments in advertising, you are unlikely to be able to attract traffic to your site comparable to that offer by ad placement sites.

Ad sites provide a wider functionality

For example the attendance of Avito is 50 million unique Paraguay Phone Number List users per month. Classifis make it possible to brand the company page and communicate directly with the buyer. So the person will know exactly from whom he bought the goods, and will return if he likes it. And the business will be able to increase the base of loyal customers. This is a plus compar to marketplaces of goods and does not distinguish between specific sellers. In addition, when working with an ad site, you will not have to participate in forc promotions, when the site obliges all sellers to give a certain discount on their products.

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The opportunity to freeze goods in the warehouse

Among other advantages, you do not ne to pay a USA CFO commission on each transaction and store goods for sale in someone else’s warehouse. This gives more flexibility and is suitable for: niche businesses that make custom-made goods and want to sell them throughout the country; companies with small turnovers that do not hav those who are just starting a business or entering the market with a new product and do not yet know in which region and what demand will be. To start working with the classifis site, the seller nes to follow six simple steps.

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