Where everyone is lock at home

Experts estimate the size of these markets at $67 billion and $84 billion, respectively, and prict a dramatic growth rate of 20-30% per year over the next few years. Prictions are similar to the truth: the -positive movement changes the perception of people, makes normal those things that society us to consider shameful. Whether this is good or evil is a philosophical question, but one thing is clear: there is now a real boom in startups abroad as investments. Not everyone survives, not everyone “shoots”, but it was the same with the “dot-com” booms, and then with startups and crypto projects.

Which attract tens of millions of dollars

They all chang the world, and from the developments in South Korea Phone Numbers List the industry, you can imagine in advance how people will enjoy ual pleasure in the future. Pleasure at a distance Remote is not so much the future as it is the present. And this is not just about a situation (in Europe, the lockdown was much stricter than in Russia), but in general about how people can please each other from a distance. There is even a term for the most obvious solution – “ telildonics ”. It was invent by the same person who invent hyperlinks – American programmer Nelson.

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It is quite natural that as the telildonic develops

This is a toy that one partner uses, and the second USA CFO controls it from a distance. Progress does not stand still, and now there are even whole sets for two. For example, Kiiro offers a set of a Pearl vibrator for women and an Onyx masturbator for men, and they can be synchroniz with each other. But in theory, these things are not difficult to make to order according to the individual sizes of each The future of virtual pleasures further, it will be able to bring the experience of virtual contacts to a whole new level.

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