Where state corporations attract freelance

Can such formats to some extent replace permanent hiring? For example, if the self-employ are provid with social guarantees. — I don’t think that freelancing will ever become the dominant format. Being self-employ is notcomfortable for everyone. Some people would like to work in one place all the time, even within Generation Z. About five years ago, it was said about freelancing in the IT field that now all IT specialists will work remotely and live on the islands. But that did not happen. Here is the same. Of course, the volume of freelancing will increase. The services market has add 12% over the past three years and reach 6% of GDP.

The boundaries between formats

PwC surveys show that a quarter of companies in Russia Japan Phone Number List plan to replace up to 30% of their employees with freelancers. State-own companies are also becoming freelance-friendly. For example, Gazprom Neft launch the Professionals 4.0 platform, specialists. and employment roles are blurring. One person can play different roles in the labor market. As an office worker five days a week, as a self-employ tutor on weekends. And at the same time – to be a customer of services. And we see this clear intersection of users within the service. There will be more comfort on both sides, more legal formats with guarantees and normal payments, a social package.

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The situation is gradually improving

Part-time work and self-employment will definitely USA CFO develop. But they are unlikely to crowd out permanent employment: the market will balance at some point Background and motivation According to Ascona experts, Russians change mattresses on average once every 17 years, and pillows once every three years.  in the early 2000s, mattresses were replac every 35 years. This indicates an increase in the level of conscious consumption and understanding of the importance of healthy sleep, according to the company. Here, attention is also drawn to the results of research by the Erisman Feral Scientific Center for Hygiene. 

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