Where winters become drier and colder

Winters in Northern Europe will be colder The balance between high pressure over the Azores and low pressure over Iceland determines whether rain in Europe is direct north or south in winter. During El Niño, this balance is disturb, and the level of humidity rises in Southern Europe. However, the effect is greatest in Northern Europe. Accordingly, if El Niño intensifies enough, then the winter of 2024 may turn out to be very frosty.The world’s oceans are full of sounds, such as waves, earthquakes, and sinking ships.

Why is sound important to ocean

Scientists have figur out how the noises that people make Canada Mobile Number List affect the lives of marine life What’s the trend? After the COVID-19 pandemic, the commercial shipping industry is recovering and is booming in 2023 . Large cargo ships directly harm the planet by emitting exhaust gases into the atmosphere. However, there is another negative consequence – sounds that disturb marine life. Graham Shannon, a British biologist from Bangor University in Wales, calls for attention to this dwellers? Sunlight penetrates only a few hundr meters deep into the ocean. Therefore, the ability to make and recognize sounds is extremely important for deep-sea animals.

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It can also be creat on purpose

It helps to communicate, navigate, avoid danger and search for food. For example, click shrimp from the western Atlantic Ocean can produce a loud clicking USA CFO sound that can stun and kill prey. And blue whales emit low-frequency signals that can travel thousands of miles. How do people pollute the ocean with noise? Man-made noise in the ocean is often unintentionally produc by ships or infrastructure and industry, such as oil platforms. However For example, many navies use sonars to locate ships and submarines. Geologists probe the seab for oil and gas using seismic airguns. The sounds produc by them can exce 200 decibels – this value is deadly for humans.

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