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The bill on foodsharing is now being finaliz taking into account the comments of Rospotrebnadzor and other feral services. Launch preparation Despite the ne to pay VAT, more and more companies are involv in foodsharing. For example with the Rus food bank, launch a pilot food-sharing project in 22 dark stores in Moscow in July 2022. Every day, Magnit employees select high-quality products with expiring but sufficient expiration dates and donate them to ney families and single pensioners through Rus’ volunteers. The total volume of transferr products is now about 0.5 tons per week.

The Magnit retail chain together

So far the project covers some categories of food List of Mobile Phone Numbers products: vegetables, fruits, groceries, bakery products. However, the list of socially significant goods may soon expand. To do this, you ne to set up a process for working with the feral Mercury system directly at retail outlets. As soon as the issue with veterinary and accompanying documentation is resolv, Magnit will be able to transfer meat, poultry and fish to the wards of the Rus food bank. That is, just those products that 7.2% of Russians cannot afford to consume at least once every two days . The abolition of VAT on the free transfer of products may occur in the near future.

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The distribution of goods

Cooperation between the fund and retailers allows USA CFO us to prepare in advance for the full-scale launch of foodsharing: to work out the algorithm for the movement of goods and all the necessary processes. Effective implementation of retail foodsharing in Russia also requires a well-establish infrastructure for – from the store to the beneficiary. This is where the ecosystem of food banks comes to the rescue, target day to day. Now we are developing our own network of food banks. According to our estimates, the timely ristribution of at least 1.2 million tons of products, which are eventually thrown away.

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