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Eco-volunteers pursue the same goal. This type of volunteering allows you to visit the most remote and incribly beautiful corners of the world, take care of, while saving on accommodation and food. Elizabeth Yusupovskaya: “Ecotourism, as a combination of travel and volunteering, is quite develop in our country. For example, the Clean Arctic project has exist for several years now, thanks to which 110 hectares of Arctic territories have already been clear of garbage that has been accumulating since the 80s and 90s.

The sustainability and safety of these places

As part of volunteer programs, children do not always Ireland Phone Number List ride around the sights, but one way or another they join nature. Such raids definitely go to Baikal, to the Kuril Islands, to Kamchatka – this applies not only to cleaning up territories, but also to helping in nature reserves. In Kamchatka, volunteers are definitely deliver to hard-to-reach places. It will be very expensive for an ordinary tourist to get there, you have to pay ?50-60 thousand for a helicopter flight, but this can be done free of charge for volunteer work.” Ecotourism is, first of all, about conscious contemplation, harmony with oneself and the environment. Only a caring attitude to wildlife will help preserve it in its original form.

Phone Number List

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