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Music has been spreading around the world at the spe of network data transfer, eroding the foundation of copyright. The discovery of the MP3 format belongs to three Germans who studi with each other. First, the researcher Eberhard Zwicker took up psychoacoustics in the 1960s. He came to the conclusion that the sounds that, that human hearing itself is imperfect. These conclusions were us by his student, engineer Dieter Seitzer. He realiz that since the human ear picks up far from all sound frequencies, it is possible to make high-quality musical recordings, “compressing” them to a small amount of data.

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That the person himself will not feel any difference. And Zeitzer’s student, Karlheinz Brandenburg, bas on these studies, creat the file format itself. As a South Africa Phone Number List result, the income of the world’s largest companies began to plummet, reaching an absolute minimum in 2013 ($14.3 billion). Then labels and artists began to flood the courts with lawsuits against pirates in an attempt to maintain control over copyright enforcement. But the ice has already broken. Spotify: Algorithms win Steve Jobs was the first to realize the significance of the upcoming digital revolution in music. In 2001, he open the iTunes online store, which sold songs for 99 cents, 70 of which went to record companies.

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The birthplace of music piracy

At the same time he also launch an MP3 player, Later, MySpace appear – a social network where you could listen to music online. Then there was the USA CFO platform Last.fm, which began to recommend music to users bas on their preferences. But the real revolution in streaming was made by Spotify. This platform was open in 2006 in Swen, . Patrick Burkart writes in his book Pirate Politics that in Swen the attitude to copyright has traditionally been much less serious than in other EU countries. It was also noteworthy that Daniel Ek, who head Spotify, had previously serv as director of Torrent.

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