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The essence of the process is that the electric charge affects bone cells. Primarily osteoblasts and osteoclasts, which are involv in healing and repel bacteria, that is. They can provide antibacterial properties to the surface. This charge is generat under the influence of a load on a piezoelectric element embd in a bone defect. Polyhydroxyalkanoates, a class of biodegradable polymers that TPU scientists work with, are piezoelectric. But this is not the limit for modern science. Sergei Tverdokhlebov, Associate Professor of the Scientific and ucational Center Weinberg. Today, there is a trend towards a transition to the field of sensitive autonomous smart materials.

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They are able to independently adjust their Ghana Phone Number List properties and provide a therapeutic effect in response to changes in the environment or biological processes. To do this, structure of the implant, an internal or external interface. Pricting the possible consequences, he gives a command, and the drugs or micinal substances necessary to stabilize the situation are releas from the implant. In particular, our research team is currently developing a multifunctional hybrid chip as part of Priority 2030. Application of additive technologies They allow you to get a product of any shape, geometry and size according to a computer model.

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Additive technologies are three-dimensional or USA CFO three-dimensional printing. A 3D printer creates a three-dimensional object layer by layer, a real copy of a computer model. In this case, a variety of materials can be us, not an exception – titanium, traditional for creating bone implants, its alloys with aluminum, vanadium, niobium, zirconium, as well as polymers and composites. Total digitalization and personalization Innovative materials and technologies make it possible to produce implants directly for each individual patient, genetics, age, and gender characteristics. There has also been a clear trend towards a ruction in the time from an idea to the introduction of materials into micine.

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