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The clock never gets tir of reminding. This means that it must be spent” with the frugality of a merchant, as Benjamin Franklin insistently insist. What has laziness become in these new economic and technological conditions? O vice direct against the economy of time (or the time of the economy), and the right to be part of society. From now on, an idler is a leper, a person who has caught a moral ailment”. Or even worse, a rebel who defies society and God by refusing a bless job. But the spread of this “disease” can be prevent if the right social organization is ensur.

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For example with the help of a factory horn, various Ecuador Phone Number List forms of control and accounting (remember, for example, the legislative fight against parasitism in the USSR), a system of monetary rewards and sanctions, school ucation, or replicating images of success. Fortunately for all this, the technological base was already on the way. And if someone manag to catch” this ailment, then the unfortunate person can be cur if plac, for example, in workhouses. They [the idlers] should be forc to work for as long and as hard as their strength and the places where they will be,” philosopher Michel Foucault quotes one of the provisions of.

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The charter of such a hospital with a department for USA CFO boys and girls younger than 25 years”. However, on the other hand, laziness, under the widespread yoke of labor, naturally turn into the most desirable fruit, the main subject of secret dreams. It is here that hope for technology arises and, in particular,  a person to indulge in inspir creativity, leaving the gloomy mines and factories. Suffice it to recall the famous manifesto The Right to Laziness” by Paul Lafargue (son-in-law of Karl Marx.

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