Which disrupts metabolic processes

A person may experience lethargy and depression for some time [ 11 ]. This is a natural consequence of the “dopamine” reward. But sometimes dopamine levels can be permanently lower. Often this is due to overstimulation, that is, the “abuse” of the dopamine reward system. Endocrinologist, nutritionist, preventive integral and anti-aging micine doctor at the GMTClinic Aesthetics and Quality of Life Clinic Marina Moldovanova explains why such overstimulation is not uncommon, especially among residents of large cities. In the life of the inhabitants of a metropolis, the number of bright external stimuli is limitless: thrill-seekers and career achievers set themselves more and more goals without a break for rest. But the resources of the body are not unlimit – sooner or later.

This only aggravates the situation

The natural production of dopamine decreases in the Namibia Phone Number List same way that sensitivity to this neurotransmitter decreases. Because of this, there is a desire to increase the dose of pleasure: eat more, drink more, conquer an even more dangerous mountain peak.  and leads to the development of chemical tolerance to dopamine , hormonal balance and negatively affects the nervous system. Often, in order to restore sensitivity to dopamine, intervention is ne “from the outside”: the help of a doctor and drug therapy. How to measure dopamine levels.

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The brain is measur using positron emission

The level of dopamine in the blood can be measur USA CFO using special tests: for example, by examining catecholamine hormones in blood plasma [ 15 ]. After spending it, you can find out the level of adrenaline, norepinephrine and dopamine. Such an analysis is carri out in the diagnosis of tumors of the nervous and endocrine systems. But dopamine in tomography (PET) and other methods of functional neuroimaging [ 16 ]. Sometimes such studies can be recommend, for example, in the diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease [ 17 ]. In micine, there are still discussions about the informativeness of tests for dopamine levels.

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