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That is it affects the central nervous system and is capable of infecting neurons. At the moment, research is not enough to say something for sure, but there is evidence that not only the mucous membrane, but also the bodies of the olfactory neurons that are in the brain can be affect. When trying to find information about this problem, people are fac with completely different facts: so far there are no reliable studies on the causes of parosmia or proven methods of treating it, and it is not clear whether it is even possible to cope with it.

Scientific publications give very different

At the same time parosmia becomes a serious inconvenience for many – distort odors make food and even plain water disgusting,and then with the mental Cayman Islands Phone Number List state and health in general. In search of answers and support, people create entire online communities where they share treatment recipes and the latest research. How common is parosmia?  data on how many people suffer from parosmia after suffering a coronavirus, according to them, this is from 10% to 60%. Each system reads the situation in its own way, draws conclusions and creates.

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The symbols we use to measure status

The same applies to the time and degree of recovery USA CFO according to some data, in 83% of people, after a month or two, olfactory disorders disappear, according to others, in 40%, symptoms persist even a year and aQuotes from the book “We tend to think of money and power as the main motivating factors in life. But really, these are. There is a well-known rule in the game of luxury clothing brands: the larger the logo, the lower the status and, therefore, the price. The analysis show that “an increase in the size of the logo by one point on a seven-point scale means a price ruction of $122.26 for Gucci handbags and $26.27 for Louis Vuitton handbags.

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