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It contains the basic elements for the origin of life What’s happening The most powerful James Webb telescope took pictures of an interstellar cloud consisting of molecular gas. It contains ice. Scientists measur the temperature of this cloud – it almost reach absolute zero and show minus ºC. This is the coldest among all the ices known to science.the scientists turn their attention to the light from the stars behind the cloud they record the degree of absorption and compar it with already known data.

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The frozen molecules were carbonyl sulfur, methane Brazil Phone Number List ammonia, methanol. Also in the cloud there are elements without which life on our planet is impossible – oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen. The researchers say that in the future, this cloud of ice could turn into The ice cloud is locat approximately light years from our planet and is referr to in the scientific community under the name Chameleon I The James Webb telescope is the most powerful telescope in the world today. It was launch into space on December , The telescope’s equipment is capable of working with infrar radiation and penetrating inside dust clouds.

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The core of a star or an exoplanet

It helps to find and explore new objects, look into those USA CFO times when stars and other celestial bodies were just beginning to emerge. James Webb is about a hundr times more sensitive than Hubble. In more than a year of operation, the telescope has taken many important pictures for science. For example, he discover the oldest stars in the Universe, captur Jupiter, Neptune and its satellites, the Carina Nebula, the Southern Annular Nebula and a number of other objects. James Webb also took a picture of an exoplanet that has water an Earth-like planet are increasing. Telescope observations help to monitor the processes of the Universe that occur at the origin of life.

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