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The so-call “secret sugar” is especially dangerous – not in the usual sweets and soda, but in bread, soups, smok meats and many other foods . Just stopping eating sugar is also wrong. On the one hand, its controll consumption is beneficial – and stores it for future use. On the other hand, it is extremely difficult to stop eating sweets in unhealthy amounts. Withdrawal can lead to withdrawal , similar to that experienc by drug addicts. Food corporation wants to cut sugar Food giant Kraft Heinz Company has set a goal of rucing the total amount of sugar in its products by 27 million kg by 2025.

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To do this they turn to the Harvard Wyss Bioengineering Belarus Phone Number List Institute . Judith Moka, head of technology discovery and development at the company, said : “We thought we came to Wyss with an impossible problem, and they turn it on its head and came up with an even crazier idea to solve it.” The proposal was to change the Sugar will be digest differently To improve sugar, the Wyss researchers turn to enzymes, proteins that spe up chemical reactions.  such substances to convert sugars into fiber. an increase in unemployment benefits, payments for childre.

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The team was able to create an enzyme that remains USA CFO encapsulat (isolat by a special shell) until a change in acidity occurs around – for example, when moving from the stomach to the intestines. Releas in this way, it converts sugar into fiber, by the body. New enzyme being test and ready for market launch Encapsulation means that the enzymes can be us in existing recipes and food production processes. Wyss Senior Engineer Adama Sesai emphasizes : “It was important for us not only to find a technically sound solution, but also to make it really work in real food production conditions.

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