Which social networks block the most Of all

When it took 20th place. The assessment of losses includes blocking social networks, disconnecting the Internet, slowing down the Internet. It is Russia’s losses that are made up of blocking and slowing down social networks. The social networks, Twitter was the most restrict, with 21,600 hours of blocking in 2022 (that’s the sum of all block times in countries around the world). In second place in the ranking is Instagram (the owner of Instagram and Facebook, Meta Platforms, was recogniz as extremist in Russia in March 2022 and bann). It was block for 9.5 thousand hours. Next – Facebook – 7.8 thousand hours.

How many domains have been block in Russia

WhatsApp thousand hours and YouTube – 28 hours. RBC Bolivia Phone Number List Trends ask Roskomnadzor for information on the number of bann and block websites. “In 2022, more than 384,000 links were enter into the Unifi Register of Bann Sites. About 99.7% of them have been remov by resource owners or block by telecom operators,” the department explain. According to Roskomsvoboda (recogniz as a foreign agent), the RKN enter about 395,000 links into the register of bann sites, and block about 212,000 of them . This number includ both sites and specific pages on the Internet. TikTok bann Russian users from posting content. The position of the list Internet platforms that do not comply with.

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When covering the military operation in Ukraine

Among the block resources, according to Top10VPN USA CFO estimates , are 4315 websites that have post content relat to events in Ukraine. On February 24, 2022, Roskomnadzor demand that the Russian mia, use only data from official Russian sources. A number of Russian mia such as Dozhd (recogniz as a foreign agent mia), The Village , Muza (recogniz as a foreign agent and undesirable organization), Kholod and others were block. The Russian authorities explain this, in particular, by the publication of “inaccurate socially significant information” about the course of hostilities. On March 1, Roskomnadzor began to slow down the work of Twitter.

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