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The Russian economy in mid-March 2022: at that moment, it was about 100 initiatives for a total of 1 trillion rubles. For example, the Cabinet of Ministers began to help Russian businesses to export to the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. As a result, trade turnover with – the increase was measur in tens of percent. To support small and mium-siz businesses (SMEs), the country launch the issuance of preferential loans – in some cases, entrepreneurs could take out a loan to expand production or refinance old loans at 1%. But if not everyone us the loans.

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Then every small business representative could Benin Phone Number List appreciate the moratorium on inspections: during 2022, the Feral Tax Service (FTS) did not inspect SMEs. Small businesses and individual entrepreneurs have also extend the deadlines for paying mandatory contributions to the Social Insurance Fund (FSS) so as not to withdraw working capital during a difficult period. Together with them, mical, sports, textile and tourism companies, as well as food manufacturers receiv a reprieve. Businessmen under 25 were offer grants of 500,000 rubles. for the development of their business (for residents of the Arctic zone – up to 1 million rubles). At the same time, the government allocat 40 billion rubles.

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To support employment – this money was spent on USA CFO creating temporary vacancies, improving the skills of workers in industrial enterprises and training the unemploy. “The problem with the labor market did not materialize in 2022. On the contrary, unemployment has reach historic lows,” Stanislav Murashovbut two strong people work, and small teams can do incrible things,” said Tim Cook. Apple’s CEO not that different perspectives help ideas evolve, and it’s the collaboration of employees with different backgrounds that has contribut to the successful development of new technology products and services for users.

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