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They tried to put pressure on the EU and achieve more favorable terms for lending to the Greek economy. The EU did not agree to this. As a result, a new aggravation of the crisis occurred in Greece, primarily in the banking sector, from the EU – in fact, all deposits were frozen for a while. Faced with a choice – either to leave the Eurozone and face complete collapse, or to agree to the terms of the memorandums again, SYRIZA was forced to cooperating with the EU again. An attempt to renegotiate the terms of the agreement failed.

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After the crisis According to Kvashnin, Greece began to Malta Phone Number List slowly emerge from the recession in 2016. The next three years were even more successful, but then this growth was interrupted by the coronavirus pandemic. In 2019, New Democracy returned to power. After that, quite progressive reforms in the economic sphere began: tax cuts, incentives for private business, etc. This was done due to the fact that during the years of reforms Greece was able to solve its financial problems, the debt was restructured, exports increased, and the trade balance was brought back to normal. Thanks to improved macroeconomic performance.

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The government was able to ease some of the restrictive USA CFO fiscal Crisis protests Kvashnin records that the protests involved citizens who were particularly hard hit by the economic crisis: public sector workers who have had their wages cut; private sector employees who lost their jobs or faced significant pay cuts; people who had their due to a sharp decrease in demand; those traditionally involved in the protest movement are left-wing radicals, anarchists, Maoists, Trotskyists, etc. The expert divides the protest movement in Greece into three directions. The first is the official protests organized by the trade unions.

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