Who built headphones into the skin near his ears

The future is simply impossible without robots. And we have been told about this more than once in films, computer games and books. Of course, this does not mean that such “relationships” will be chosen by everyone. But they will clearly be one of the options. Already, on relationships or opting for quick connections with subsequent disappearance (ghosting) – this has been influenc by the growth of wealth and the prevalence of dating applications. The ability to simply turn off the “partner” that you are tir of will surely intrigue someone.

Many people are consciously giving up

All this is not a matter of the near future, but some Spain Phone Numbers List futurists seriously argue that by the 2050s, people will not just have with machines, but interact with them on a deeper level thanks to the development of artificial intelligence. Developers have already made attempts to make “emotional” AI for relationships. One example is Gatebox AI , a holographic anime girl who lives in a glass flask, sends cute text messages to her owner and happily greets him when he comes home from work. In the field of modifications for , even biohackers have manag to make their mark.

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American Rich Lee was seriously engag in creating

The concept can be understood in very different ways, but now we will talk about “black” biohacking, when enthusiasts without serious experience and USA CFO ucation are engag in dubious improvements to their own bodies. A an implant at the base of the male genital organ. As plann, he had to vibrate, adding new sensations during and masturbation. But it seems that the real use of augmentation with the harsh name Lovetron 9000 never came. However, maybe things will turn out so that we don’t even ne any in the future. Moreover, not someone will help people in this, but, perhaps, Elon Musk himself and his company Neuralink.

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