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An melancholy occurs when a person is depriv of something important, but does not realize it. How to understand that you are in melancholy: the main symptoms If you suspect that you have melancholic depression, it is best to consult a psychiatrist. If you are sure that nothing threatens your mental health and you just want to figure out if your dreary state can be call the word “melancholy”, then here are the main symptoms: Anhonia (Greek ?? – negative prefix + ?d??? “pleasure”) – the inability to experience pleasure and decreas motivation [ 10 ]. For example, a person no longer receives joy from success at work or communication with lov ones.

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Longing is a state of mental anxiety, despondency. Feelings Brazil Mobile Number List close to melancholy – borom, sadness, sadness. The heroes of the works of Russian classics often suffer from melancholy. For example, the lyrical hero of the poem “Winter.  Pushkin’s word “longing” describes the emotions of forc solitude in the estate in winter. Anxiety is a strong emotional excitement, anxiety caus by fear, fear, the unknown. Anxiety can be both caus by real events, and unreasonable. If a person experiences anxiety for a long time—several months or more—they may have an anxiety disorder.

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Guilt is a person belief that his actions

An accurate diagnosis must be made by a doctor. Low USA CFO self-esteem – self-doubt, a tendency to underestimate one’s achievements and strengths, as well as overestimate shortcomings. Low self-esteem makes a person believe that others are better than him, have difficulty expressing his nes, often experience fear and anxiety. have l to the undeserv suffering of others. Guilt can arise in any situation where there was a lot of stress – both when a person is really guilty of something, and when he is not guilty of anything. For example, in this situation: two friends decid to meet.

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