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Grandmother’s option – dusty walls, puffy sofas. Plastic flowers in vases and mezzanines, clogg with supplies for the winter and a balcony with a bicycle and sls. While Russian millennials are getting rid of boring clothes, many older Russians live in. The concept of forc and unreflect zero waste. Children wear clothes for older siblings, families use fantasy to fit. Objects and furniture into a small living space, old people prepare pickles for the winter. Bousewives try to give a second life to things like plastic bags or cans (in the era of coronavirus. The latter came to disposable mical masks.

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Both now and in the 90s, consumers tri to go to the store UK Mobile Number List with a rag bag and not throw away clothes, but repair them or give them to others. But if now it is done by those who reflect because of the eco-footprint, then they us to do it in an attempt to save money. “I would not liken the forc practice of zero waste to minimalism. Rather, on the contrary. Obsessive gathering leads to an overabundance of everyday life. And the practices of reusing in this context are directly relat to shortages and savings,” Rubtsova believes. blow to the principles of “rent, not buy” and “throw away everything you.

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Was dealt by the coronavirus, or rather the quarantine, unemployment and economic recession caus by them. Americans Kondo method before the pandemic USA CFO began to regret getting rid of some things – even board games, for example. Consumer minimalism is a privilege for people  of the world and the unprictability of the future, may not worry about the items they have abandon, since they can always buy them again without worrying about money . According to Mull, the pandemic has demonstrat that only those people who do not have to worry about unforeseen desires or nes can strive for home minimalism. 

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