Who pays small amounts once a month

They strive to create their ecosystems from services where all elements complement each other. In Russia, Yandex. Plus became the first multi-service subscription: at first, the company subscrib only to Yandex. Music, but in 2018 it add Kinopoisk, taxi discounts, carsharing, etc. Following Yandex, there were and other Russian multiservices and ecosystems, such as SberPrime, MTS Premium and VK Combo. “Given the situation that we see today, competition in the audio services market has become less, foreign players have left. In the visual services market, there is a trend that streamers are trying to expand the range and quality of content.

To maintain the subscriber base

Accordingly this will lead to an increase in cost Cayman Islands Phone Number List characteristics. Therefore, an increase in the price of subscriptions, which include an online cinema and music, is likely to be. I think that within 10-15% and will be about 400-450 rubles per subscription, says Denis Kuskov, CEO of TelecomDaily. “I don’t expect this to cause a strong churn of the audience. On average, today an active viewer has 2.5 cinemas in a subscription. As the TelecomDaily report shows, in the first half of the year the market for online video services reach 25.9 billion rubles. Compar to last year, the growth will be only up to 5%. Yes, now, but the variability of entertainment has also been greatly ruc. At the same time.

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The incomes of Russians are not growing

Russians most often use a multi-service subscription not completely; rather, they choose about two services from it. However, in any case, it turns out to USA CFO be cheaper than buying service-by-service. Sofa Exclusive A subscription is a long-term relationship with a client. On the one hand, this is good both for the user, and for the company, because it provides a stable cash flow for several months or even years in advance. On the other hand, as a rule, modern subscriptions can be cancel at any time, therefore, in order companies have to constantly prove their value: add new content.

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