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Get distract from work to talk with colleagues, learn to lose and compromise. half after the disease . Yuri Kiselev explains: “The results are so different due to the way the research is done. In most cases, this is a survey, and those to participate in such projects. Those who have been ill with coronavirus without losing or changing their sense of smell are not interest in participating in research. Thus, people with symptoms will be accept in the questionnaire, and we will have a false feeling that this applies to all those who have been ill.

What odors does parosmia distort

It is also impossible to cancel the factor of subjective perception. A person knows that certain symptoms can be observ with coronavirus, feels them, and then Malta Phone Number List takes part in a smell test – and it turns out that everything is fine with him. And in one study with a standardiz sniff stick assessment, 38% of people mistakenly thought they had parosmia.” Parosmia has become such a serious and widespread problem that society and business will obviously have to adapt to it. And why On the Internet, you can find a lot of options for distorting odors.

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Which previously seem neutral or pleasant

Flowers smell like fish, chicken smells like hydrogen sulfide, eggs smell like a three-day-old trash can. Also, with parosmia, it may seem to a person that there is USA CFO a smell, but in fact it is not. Another rather curious phenomenon: the aroma,  does not change, but becomes nauseating or something begins to be add to it that the person is not able to identify. The most common complaints are that chicken, eggs, onions and garlic have become unbearable. “Regarding onions, garlic and eggs, we know that all these products contain some sulfur, and this is the characteristic unpleasant smell. For all of us, the smell of rotten eggs is the most disgusting.

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