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The second is the popular White Noise Light app with a collection of white noise sounds. Respondents were requir to use the app for at least two hours daily. The UpSilent mobile app offers three sections: passive listening, active listening and counseling. The first section contains a library of relaxing sounds, such as the sound of the sea or a waterfall. attention from tinnitus to pleasant sounds. In the active listening section, users were ask to complete tasks: for example, adjust the level of a sound similar to tinnitus, understand which ear is ringing.

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Determine the location of a sound in space, etc. In the Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number List counseling section, the patient could learn more about tinnitus and how to use sounds from UpSilent for quality sleep, attention control, relaxation and deep breathing exercises. As a result, 65% of patients  less tinnitus. White Noise Light did not affect the well-being of the participants in the experiment. According to Grant Seinfeld, professor of audiology at the University of Auckland,  so that it perceives tinnitus as background noise and doesn’t focus on it. What does it mean Noise in the ears is call extraneous sounds that a person hears, although there is no external source that would make them.

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UpSilent therapy rewires the brain

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