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This is also understood at the state level. If parallel imports have so far become the most expient or the only possible option for maintaining a business for individual market players, then you ne to use it. At the level of a long-term strategy, of course, companies should look at import substitution. Trust in the us information security becomes a fundamental factor.  to domestic software, but we say that building an information security development strategy on import solutions is not very far-sight today. Moreover, by 2025, companies that own significant critical information infrastructure (CII) facilities will be requir to switch to Russian alternatives to foreign solutions.

We cannot force customers to switch

Accordance with Presidential Decree No. 166 dat 03.30. infrastructure Belarus Phone Number List f the Russian Feration”. – RBC Trends ). State of the Russian cybersecurity market – New names appear on the Russian information security market or players of Western giants become more active. are the products of domestic vendors? — New solutions often lack functionality at first. Perhaps, to replace the functionality of one foreign solution, today it will be necessary to use several domestic ones. The second problem is the unpreparness of some Russian developments for industrial loads.

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How high-quality alternative to foreign solutions

This is due to the fact that our vendors did not USA CFO previously have access to the infrastructure of large customers and did not set out to adapt their solutions to high loads. Today, developers are radically changing their approach to the concept and architecture of their products, receive feback from anchor customers and, in accordance with current requests, very quickly refine their solutions. In any case, the more players on the market, the higher the competition. For example, in Israel, the homeland of many IT startups, there are an order of magnitude more cybersecurity solutions than we have, but no one talks about their.

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