Why such big losses Top10VPN researchers

The position of the list Internet platforms that do not comply with Russian law is not dictat by business interests. It is bas on the political interests of those states on whose territory the headquarters of IT companies are locat. Why still block In addition to mia covering events in Ukraine, Roskomnadzor, according to Top10VPN , block: sites that post the personal data of Russians leak to the network; VPN services; materials with compromising information on officials and articles about bribes; websites dicat to cryptocurrency; secure email services; websites that sold sanction products; anime, songs, lyrics and clips; links to materials of organizations recogniz in Russia as undesirable or extremist; links relat to LGBT topics.

Internet shutdowns internet slowdown

On December 5, 2022, Vladimir Putin sign a decree Albania Phone Numbers List banning LGBT propaganda and gender reassignment. A little more than a month later, Roskomnadzor report that it had already block more than 300 sites with LGBT propaganda. analyze three main components when calculating losses: blocking social networks. Since in 2022 the Internet was not turn off or slow down in Russia (if this did not apply to social networks), the damage of $ 21.5 billion consists only of blocking social networks. The researchers did not take into account the losses from blocking websites, because, according to them, they cannot be calculat.

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The Russian economy as the blocking

It is possible that the blocking of other websites also USA CFO had an economic impact. However, it is not possible to calculate this due to the different nature of the block websites. Most of the block resources are news services, content relat to military operations, and websites of human rights organizations. It is unlikely that this has the same impact on of social networks that support local business, increase advertising revenue and allow companies to communicate with their customers. amuel Woodhams, digital rights researcher and author of the Top10VPN study, explain to RBC Trends.

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