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They are no longer fully. Larisa Volova still lives on in the 90s of the last century. Of course, it cannot keep pace with science, but this gap between them nes to be ruc, come out with the initiative, and promote new legislative initiatives.” Hundrs of kilometers of roads are built and upgrad in Russia every year. But now it is not only asphalt pavement, bridges and recreation areas. Tracks are getting smarter. We understand why and Marcel Nigmetzyanov, Deputy General Director of the Telematics Concern. The essence of the new generation of roads that have already been call “smart” is that it is not just an asphalt road that connects points.

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A smart road has a lot of intelligent equipment that Indian Phone Number List collects a lot of data, transmits it and interacts with other intelligent systems, from first responders to the brains of a car. For example, a smart road is aware of a traffic jam or fog, detours or that an ambulance is approaching and it is necessary to change lanes. As a result, the level of safety is increas as drivers will be alert to a potential hazard long before they approach it. At the same time, the flow rate increases – cars will be able to rebuild in advance, and not at the last moment.

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What does a “smart” road consist of? “Intelligent” or USA CFO smart” roads are not just a roadway, but a complex system that allows transport to automatically interact with the surrounding infrastructure, and the infrastructure itself to receive important information from transport and the environment. Of course, “smart” roads within the city and “smart” highways differ in functionality and tasks that they solve, and contain a different set of intelligent equipment and subsystems. For example, the equipment of the main “smart” roads includes information boards and systems for monitoring traffic.

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