With the help of Big Data and modern technologies

On any objects or phenomena with a similar set of characteristics. With the help of prictive (or prictive, prictive) analytics, you can, for example, calculate a collapse or price change in the stock market . Or assess the potential borrower’s ability to repay a loan. 3. Prescriptive analytics is the next level up from prictive. or any other activity and calculate under what scenario they can be avoid in the future. Aurora Health Care saves $6 million annually through prescriptive analytics by rucing readmissions by 10% [5] . 4. Diagnostic analytics (diagnostic analytics) – uses data to analyze the causes of what happen.

It is possible to identify problem points in a business

This helps to detect anomalies and random connections China Mobile Number List between events and activities. For example, Amazon analyzes sales and gross margin data for various products to find out why they generat less revenue than expect. Data is process and analyz using various tools and technologies [6] [7] : Special software: NoSQL, MapRuce, Hadoop, R; Data mining – extracting previously unknown data from arrays using a large set of techniques; AI and neural networks – for building models bas on Big Data, including text and image recognition. For example, the lottery operator Stoloto has made big data the basis of its strategy within the Data-driven Organization. Using Big Data and artificial intelligence.

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The Unit States even under Barack Obama

The company analyzes customer experience and offers USA CFO personaliz products and services; Analytical data visualization – Animat models or graphs bas on big data. he world leaders in the collection and analysis of big data are the Unit States and China. So, in the government launch six feral programs for the development of big data for a total of $200 million. Large corporations are consider the main consumers of Big Data, but their data collection activities are limit in some states – for example, in California. China has more than 200 laws and regulations regarding the protection of personal information.

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