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British universities decid to test whether it was possible to increase the level of intellectual humility. To do this, they us an approach call “assertion of meanings.” In this approach, volunteers reflect on one or more personal values, such as freom, equality, family, or safety. Previous research has shown that even a short reflection on this helps to keep an open mind about the opinions of other people. One group wrote about values, invit volunteers to the laboratory and divid them into groups of two or three people. of psychological questionnaires assessing their personality traits.

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Intellectual humility and self-esteem. Half of the participants Taiwan Phone Number List were then ask to reflect on their most important value and write down how it matters to their lives and how it affects their behavior. The other half of the participants in the experiment instead of values. The volunteers then took part in a 15-minute group discussion about the pros and cons of raising university tuition fees. It turn out that the participants in the experiment, who thought about values ??before the discussion, behav more modestly in the argument than those who thought about drinks.

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People in the first group were more supportive of USA CFO other speakers, tri not to dominate, and were less likely to take their opinions as hard facts. Intellectual Humility Expands Horizons Research has clearly shown that simply reflecting on values ??can increase intellectual humility in conversation. More than half (60.6%) of the representatives of the first group demonstrat it to a greater extent than people from the second group. Researchers believe that a person does not ne to avoid discussions on controversial topics, they just ne to change their approach to them: “Intellectual humility is the acceptance of one’s own shortcomings from.

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