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It fast as in Germany. In 2020, Scotland received 97% of its electricity from renewable sources. With the help of the produced “green” energy, it was possible to meet the electrical needs of more than 7 million households. Scotland plans to become carbon neutral by 2030. for the complete abandonment of traditional energy for Austria, and Saudi Arabia planned to receive 50% of its electricity from RES by 2030. So,Motors, will receive energy from a solar power plant. It is being built in Kentucky as part of the large-scale Green Invest program.

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IKEA aims to produce more electricity from renewable Cambodia Phone Number List sources than it consumes by 2030. There are 920,000 solar panels in stores in 14 countries, as well as more than 530 wind turbines. Ingka, the parent company of IKEA, invested about $2.8 billion in various renewable energy projects and became the owner of 1.7 GW of capacity. It will also continue to invest in the construction of wind farms and solar power plants. Chemical concern BASF will gradually switch to renewable energy sources, and also plans to invest in wind farms. Intel is powered by wind, solar, water and biomass. Since 2012, Intel has invested $185 million in 2,000 energy saving projects, and 100% of the electricity consumed by. And at the same time, steam is easily accessible – extremely expensive drilling of wells for many kilometers.

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The corporation in the US and EU comes from USA CFO renewable energy sources. Among renewable energy sources, geothermal energy is also distinguished: installations with heat pumps, geothermal power plants, on what principle they work and where they are relevant. Expert: Igor Valigun – graduated from the Russian Chemical Technical University named after. Mendeleev with a degree in environmental engineering, a specialist in renewable energy sources (heat pumps), a candidate of economic sciences in the field of renewable energy.

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