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Master’s programs in personnel management are offer by dozens of Russian universities. You can compare programs and choose the right one on the website. In addition to formal ucation, online courses and lectures are suitable. Get start with Yale’s free Psychology of Well-Being course on Coursera. A general course on well-being at the Talent Academy from experienc HR Mike Prytula will also be useful . Additionally courses on mental health, mindfulness, and well-being. And then you can get courses on request. For example, take a course on financial literacy, if there is a problem with career fulfillment, find a course on motivation and competency development.

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Other articles in the selection of RBC Trends for February 14 We figure out what a software robot developer should be able to do, is it possible to quickly South Korea Phone Numbers List master this specialty from scratch, what are the career prospects and pitfalls of the profession About the author: Gleb Leonov, Head of RPA practice at iFellow. Five years ago, of software robots. Software robots ( Robotic Process Automation, RPA ) are solutions that allow you to automate routine operations that are perform according to a specific algorithm. They can imitate the simple actions of a person working at a computer: press keys, launch applications, enter data, request and send information, and much more. Today, RPA solutions are getting smarter.

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They recognize documents, collect information from USA CFO multiple sources and analyze it, and communicate with customers as a help desk. The technology is most often us for robotization of processes in IT, HR, accounting, back office. The global RPA market is call the fastest growing IT segment. International analytical companies expect that it will continue to grow by 30–40% annually over the next few years. The Russian market is also developing, despite the departure of foreign vendors and economic uncertainty.

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